National Food Safety Standard GB 31647-2018 Implemented on 21 June, 2019
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National Food Safety Standard GB 31647-2018 Regarding General Hygiene Specifications for Production of Food Additive was issued by National Health Commission and State Administration for Market Regulation on June 21st, 2018 and implemented on June 21st, 2019 in China.  


The standard stipulated fundamental requirements and management guidelines regarding the purchasing of raw materials, processing, packaging, labeling, storage and transportation during the production of food additives as well as that of the production site, processing facilities and personnel. 

In order to familiarize all staff regarding the newly published national standard of food safety, a special training session was conducted at our factory by our internal trainer Mr. Huang Xiujie, the Quality Manager and HACCP team leader. Directors of fermentation workshop and food enzyme workshop, production supervisors, shift leaders, quality control laboratory inspectors, quality supervisor, logistic supervisor and warehouse staff took part in the training. 


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