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Beta-Glucanase GC-500

A liquid Beta-Glucanase for beer brewing, juice processing and wine making, capable to reduce wort viscosity, speed up filtration , remove chill haze caused by β-glucan, improved wort clarity.

Product Specifications


Beta-Glucanase GC-500 is produced by submerged fermentation and advanced extraction process. It is endoglucanase which specifically hydrolyzes beta-1,3 and beta-1,4 glycosidic linkages of Beta-Glucan to produce oligosaccharide containing 3~5 glucose unit and glucose. It contains a certain amount of hemicellulase and can effectively break down beta-glucan in wheat and cereal endosperm cell wall. It is widely used in the beer brewing, juice processing and wine making industries. 

Declared Enzyme:     Beta-Glucanase
Systematic Name:     EC, 1,3(or 4)-beta-D-glucan 3(4)-glucanohydrolase
Appearance:             Yellow brown liquid
Activity:                     50,000 U/ml (minimum)

Effective pH for GC-500 is from 3.5 to 6.5; the optimal pH is 4.5 to 5.5. See Figure 1.


The effective temperature range for GC-500 is from 30 to 65°C; the optimal temperature is 37 to 55°C. This enzyme will be completely inactivated at temperatures above 80°C for 10 minutes. See Figure 2.

Figure 1: Effect of ph on Activity

Figure 2: Effect of Temperature on Activity

Use of Beta-Glucanase GC-500 can offer the following benefits to beer brewery:
1) Reduce wort viscosity
2) Improve filtration speed and wort clarity 
3) Increase the colloidal stability of beer to remove chill haze caused by the β-glucan
4) Degradation of β-glucan, improve the efficiency of filtration in the production process of pure draft beer, extend the life of the filtration membrane

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