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Why Us

Integrity, Commitment and Strive for Excellence has been established as our core values ever since our factory was built up 12 years ago. It is our core values that have been guiding the way we do things, and it is the way we do things distinguished us from others.


The qualities of our enzyme products are guaranteed by advanced processing techniques and overall ISO quality management system covering every procedures from raw materials to finished products in line with GMP standard. Our strong technical services are backed-up by a team of professionals that have been engaged in research and development of enzymes for more than two decades and in close cooperation with prestigious research institutes, universities and academies in China, offering expertise in selecting the right enzymes and suitable process that best fit to customer needs.  


We seek for successful long-term customer partnership through continuously improved enzyme products aimed to help our customers to reduce production costs, increase yields and minimize environmental impact. We understand that customer partnership won’t be established overnight as trust has to be earned over time. Keeping that in mind, we commit ourselves to doing business with the utmost integrity and highest ethical standard. 

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