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The 15th HAS Internal Halal Auditor Training Program

  Time : 04.30.2019   Source : Jiangsu Boli Bioproducts Co., Ltd.    Click :

Halal Certification is a process to get halal certificate through several steps to prove that materials, production process and Halal Assurance System are comply to the standard of LPPOM MUI.

Jiangsu Boli Bioproducts Co., Ltd. has been Halal certified since September 2013. Our Halal certificate is renewed every two years according to the rule of LPPOM MUI.

Recently, our internal Halal auditor Mr. Huang Xiujie attended and passed the 15th HAS internal Halal auditor training program organized by LPPOM MUI and Shanghai Al-Amin Consultant Co., Ltd.

HAS (Halal Assurance System) is an arranged, applied and maintained system by halal certified company to maintain sustainability of halal production process according to the rule of LPPOM MUI.

Internal Halal Auditor is staff(s) officially appointed by Company Management to coordinate the implementation of HAS.

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