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Acid Cellulase AC-100

A cost-effective cellulase suitable for bio-polishing in the finishing processes of cellulosic fabrics, permanently reduces the tendency of pilling and improves the hand feeling and appearance of fabrics.

Product Specifications


Acid Cellulase AC-100 is produced from Trichoderma reesei through submerged fermentation, extraction and refining process.

AC-100 is specially designed for bio-polishing in the finishing processes of cellulosic fabrics. It can permanently reduce the tendency of pilling and improve the hand feeling and appearance of fabrics. 

AC-100 is a protein with a special catalytic effect on the 1,4-β-glucose bond of cellulose. Its enzyme molecule is a thousand times larger than that of the water molecule, so it will not penetrate into fiber interior, and the hydrolysis is carried out only on the surface or near 1, 4-β-glucose bond of cellulose fibers, hence improves the finishing process of the surface of cellulosic fabrics, enables lasting anti-pilling effects and improves the smoothness and softness of fabrics.

Bio-polishing ensures a lasting finishing effect for fabrics. The enzyme product used for bio-polishing is natural protein that is completely biodegradable and requires a low dosage rate, which results in minor burden of effluent discharge, therefore makes biological finishing more preferable to chemical finishing.

Declared Enzyme:         Cellulase
Systemic Name:            EC, 1,4-β-D-glucan 4-glucanohydrolase
Activity:                           10,000 U/ml (minimum) 
Appearance:                 Yellow brown Liquid  
Specific gravity:           1.10 to 1.25 g/ml 

Effective pH range of AC-100 is 4.0 to 6.5; the optimum pH is 4.8.

Effective temperature range of AC-100 is 30 to 70°C; the optimal temperature is 55°C. Inactivation of AC-100 may be achieved completely at temperature above 80°C in 10 minutes. 

AC-100 can be used for bio-polishing of cellulosic fabrics. It is suitable for woven or knitted fabrics, especially for the following fabrics:
Cotton fabric
Cotton / polyester blended fabrics
Linen and ramie fabrics
Other cellulosic fibers

Bio-polishing enzyme can improve fabric qualities in many ways. The use of AC-100 in bio-polishing offers the following benefits for the improvements of fabric quality:
1) Decreased pilling property, more uniformed surface of fabrics
2) Unique hand feeling of softness and smoothness due to the increased mobility between the processed yarns which reduces the bending stress of the fabrics  
3) Lustrous colors of fabrics

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