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Boli Enzymes for Maltose Corn Syrup

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High maltose corn syrup is used as sweetener and preservative in food industry. In recent years, high maltose corn syrup is regarded much safer sweetener than high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) since it contains no fructose. Typically, maltose syrup contains 30-40% maltose. It is labeled as “High Maltose Syrup” provided that it contains at least 50% maltose or “Extra-High Maltose Syrup" if its concentration is above 70%. 

Alpha-Amylase plays an important role during the liquefaction and saccharification process in the production of high maltose corn syrup. This case study presents a typical production process of maltose corn syrup in a prominent factory in China. The two alpha-amylase products used in this case is Heat-stable Alpha-Amylase HT-320 (activity 40,000 U/ml) and Fungal Alpha-Amylase FAA-280 (activity 28,000 U/ml).

Part I Production Process 

Part II Processing parameters

1. Liquefaction Parameters

2. Saccharification Parameters


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