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Pectinase PE-500

A natural pectinase derived from Non-GMO strains of Aspergillus niger, can reduce juice viscosity, improve the filtration rate, maximize the yield of juice, clarify fruit juices and ratafee and remove the pectin haze effectively.

Product Specifications


Pectinase PE-500 is derived from highly active Non-GMO strains of Aspergillus niger through submerged culture extraction and refining process. PE-500 is a multi-component preparation composed by pectinesterase, polygalacturonase, pectinlyase which plays the roles of lipolysis, hydrolysis and pyrolysis respectively in the formation of galacturonic acid, oligomeric galacturonic acid, unsaturated galacturonic acid and oligomeric galacturonic acid, etc.

PE-500 is mainly applied to fruit processing of grapes, apples, strawberries, hawthorn, dragon fruits, sea buckthorn, kiwi, pineapple and prickly pear, etc. It is also suitable for endothelial denudation of the lotus seeds and garlic, as well as off wrapping the clothing of oranges. PE-500 is used as a very effective clarifying agent in food and beverage industry. It can reduce juice viscosity, improve the filtration rate and juice yield, and clarify fruit juices and ratafee.

Use of PE-500 greatly benefits juice processing as follows:
Efficiently reduce juice viscosity, improve the filtration rate
Considerably enhance juice yield
Speed up the process, improve product quality.
Lower processing cost

Declared Enzyme:      Pectinase
Appearance:                Sepia brown Liquid
Enzyme activity:         50,000 U/ml(minimum) 
Product pH:                 3.0 to 5.0
Specific gravity:          1.25 g/ml(Maximum)

Effective pH ranges from 3.0 to 6.0. Optimal pH ranges from 3.5 to 5.5.

Effective temperature is below 45°C. Optimal temperature ranges from 45 to 50°C. At a temperature of 60°C for 15 minutes, this product will remain its 23% enzymatic activity.

Ion, calcium, zinc and tin ions are inhibitors of the enzyme activity. So careful attention should be paid to the choice of container when clarify juice using this product. 

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